Game Information
  • SpaceFire is a simple and funny game that is very addictive game for the iPhone 3G/3GS/4 and iPod Touch.
  • Game conrols are easy to use and the game play is unique and fun.
  • Through touch, by adjusting the direction and power are enemy spaceship destruction.
  • Features
  •     - 100 missions.
        - leaderboards of openfeint.
        - Realistic animation and sound effects.
  • Update history
  •     As usual, SpaceFire gives the most generous updates of any app!
        SpaceFire V1.2
        - Missions update
        - OpenFeint support.
        - Bug fixes and improvements.
        - User Interface improvements.
        - Sound and Music improvements.
        SpaceFire V1.1
        - Missions update.
        - Bug fixes and imporvements.
        - User Interface improvements.
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